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  • Minimalism and Cognitive Load

    Making Sense of Minimalism

    If both software and nature are telling us that organic geometries are more efficient when it comes to material usage– why are we attracted to minimalism?

  • The Beauty of Cheap – BIC Crystal Pen

    Like a judo master who takes down his opponent using smallest possible movements, these products achieve a lot with little. The BIC Crystal pen is a perfect example of such a product.

  • Keyshot rendering

    Tips for Creating Photorealistic Renderings

    There will be a lot of nuances depending on which software you are using, but there are some high level concepts that are always applicable that I will go over here.

  • What Does a Product Designer Really Do?

    Unfortunately for us product designers our occupation and what it entails, is still a mystery to many. I find the confusion about what we do very understandable as I myself have long struggled with defining what we do.