Simplifying Product Development The first time you dive into hardware …

From Idea to Market

Our design process helps us turn your ideas into products that succeed on the market. We do this by always having the customer experience in mind while never forgetting the importance of designing for manufacturing (DFM).

The Process

The development process we follow is simple.

The first step is to create a requirement specifications that lists all technical requirements. After that we also create a mood board where the aesthetic goal is defined through images that convey the desired look and feel of the product.

You can download our requirement specification template here.

Next we will research all aspects relevant to the development of the product. This includes similar products on the market, technical details, user behavior and usage environment.

Here we think and sketch until there are promising paths for further development. At the end of this stage we present 2-3 concepts.

We will mix and mash the presented concepts until there is a single concept that you love. This process involves 3D modelling, rendering, and prototyping.

Here the selected concept is flushed out through 3D modelling and photo-realistic renderings.

The level of detailed aimed for in this stage will depend on the purpose of the project (pitching investors, gathering manufacturing quotes, creating a crowdfunding campaign etc.).

Designed for Manufacturing

All of our products are designed with manufacturing in mind right from the start. After all, a design that looks good as a rendering but cannot be manufactured is useless.

Manufacturing arms

  • Tony is an artist in his profession and has an eye for details that made our product perfect.

    Johan Hjälte, Founder - Posiq AB
  • Creative, high quality design work, great attention to details.

    Tatsuki Tomita, CEO – Orbweb Inc.
  • Great cooperation with Tony. Very professional and structurized approach. He is a genius in his field.

    Eric Soehngen PhD, CEO – Walkolution
  • Professional, fast, great input and suggestions, very knowledgeable. Highly recommended.

    Johanna Gustafsson, Innovation Lead – Scandinavian Airlines

Ready to start?

If you have a hardware design project we would love to hear about it. Feel free to send us a message at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.