Last-Mile Delivery Robot - deDesigned

We designed the last-mile delivery robot to get restaurant and online shopping orders all the way to the customer’s front door.

In this project our team took on both the industrial and mechanical design of the robot.

The”rocker-bogie suspension” used in this robot, was originally developed by NASA in 1988 for their Mars rover Sojourner. By using this design in our robot, we make sure that it can easily get over curbs and other obstacles encountered in urban areas.

Rocker-bogie suspension

At the top of the robot there is a large lid that opens when it has reached its target. This compartment can store restaurant deliveries, groceries, or online shopping packages during transport.

For the robot to navigate its surroundings in a safe way, we equipped it with a number of cameras, sensors, antennas and lights.

Last mile delivery robot sensors

Inside of the tower we mounted 4 stereo vision cameras to get a 360 degree view of the robots surroundings.

The tower is also used as a mounting location for the mobile internet antenna. Due to being at the top of the robot this antenna position provides unobstructed wireless reception.

Delivery robot mobile internet antenna

At the end of the project our client received 3D models, drawings, rendered images and all other information necessary for manufacturing.

Delivery robot drawings Delivery robot in urban environment