Anti-Addiction Lock Box - deDesigned

The Anti-Addiction Lock Box was developed for the Mindsight ecommerce brand. Amazon link

The product helps people detach from the addictive things in their life. This could be the phone, video games, snacks or cigarettes.

Anti-addiction lock box

How it works

After you have stored the item that you want a break from, you enter how long the box should stay locked for.

There are two lock modes to choose between depending on your commitment level. The first mode allows you to open the box before the time expires by entering a 4 digit code. In the second “fortress” mode the only way to open the box is to wait for the time to expire.

Lock box to store addictive things Lock box from the top Anti-addiction lock box from side Lock box button layout

Hidden battery compartment

The batteries could not be placed inside since that would mean that the device would lock permanently if the power went out during operation.

Placing a battery hatch on the main face of the device would however result in an unacceptable aesthetic.

Silicone rim around lock box

We solved this challenge by hiding the battery compartment under a flexible silicone rim. Apart from hiding the batteries it also provides protection from shocks if the device was to be dropped.

Battery compartment shown on the inside

Different colors

The chosen color palette is muted in order to enforce the feeling of peace and calm that the lock box aims to facilitate.

Color variations of the lock box

Video of final product