Robot Deployment Vehicle - deDesigned

The Robot Deployment Vehicle is a conceptual vehicle that deDesigned created for a startup looking to raise funding.

Autonomous vehicle

The vehicle operates autonomously by using data from the distance sensors at the front and back, as well as cameras in the top compartment.

Last-mile delivery robot existing autonomous vehicle

The vehicle is designed to carry four last-mile delivery robots and deploy these into suburban neighborhoods. The last-mile delivery robots will then deliver their packages to the doorstep of houses, after which they return to the main vehicle.

Autonomous package delivery vehicle

Optionally it can be used to delivery packages directly to the customer.

By having four separate compartments that can be independently opened and closed, one vehicle can deliver to several customers in one go.

Symmetrical vehicle design

The design is fully symmetrical which means that there is no need for complicated manoeuvres in tight spaces. Instead the vehicle can simply reverse the electric motors and keep going in the opposite direction.

Autonomous vehicle driving down highway