Hydrophobic Camera Add-On - deDesigned
Hydrophobic camera lens add-on for GoPro

Removing Water Droplets

Shutter is a hydrophobic camera lens add-on for GoPro that removes water droplets by using alternating magnetic fields. This functionality makes the product perfect for people who use the action camera to record aquatic and winter sports.

Surfer and snowboarder images side by side Comparison of how an image looks with and without the hydrophobic camera lens add-on

Working Principle

By applying a voltage between a droplet and an underlying electrode the pinning force of the water droplet can be modified. By leveraging this phenomena in combination with an array of transparent electrodes, the droplet can be displaced through coordinated activation of the electrodes. Transparent sub-surface electrodes have in recent years become more affordable due to their widespread use in capacitive touch screens.

This method for displacing droplets is today often applied in lab environments when developing new drugs or conducting microfluidic experiments. More information on the physics that makes this possible can be found here.

Animation showing how the technology works Exploded view of the device Side view of the hydrophobic camera lens add-on Back view of the hydrophobic camera lens add-on Device on a surf board

3D Printed Prototype

The prototype below was created using high resolution SLA printing.