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  • The Minimal Bedside Lamp – A 3D printable product

    In this post I share images of the Minimal Bedside Lamp– a product designed from the ground up for 3D printing.

  • Minimalism and Cognitive Load

    Making Sense of Minimalism

    If both software and nature are telling us that organic geometries are more efficient when it comes to material usage– why are we attracted to minimalism?

  • The Beauty of Cheap – BIC Crystal Pen

    Like a judo master who takes down his opponent using smallest possible movements, these products achieve a lot with little. The BIC Crystal pen is a perfect example of such a product.

  • TP1 Record player

    More Detail is Not the Solution

    A simple heuristic that I have found useful when designing things.

  • Fusion 360 Startup

    Why I Switched to Fusion 360

    When I first started using CAD I was amazed by their lack of usability. All the parametric modelling programs I tried felt like relics with bolted on features that made little intuitive sense. The result was that modelling became a drag.

    This changed as I discovered Fusion 360.

  • Physical controls in product design

    A Call for Knobs and Buttons

    There is no point in me going over why this is happening. We all use touchscreens and know the ways in which they are awesome. What I would like to spend a second talking about is what we are loosing as we switch to the glass interface.

  • Keyshot rendering

    Tips for Creating Photorealistic Renderings

    There will be a lot of nuances depending on which software you are using, but there are some high level concepts that are always applicable that I will go over here.

  • Blue Orange

    The Dangers of Customization

    Letting users customize various aspects of their products has progressively become a more common practice. Consumers today often get to choose a multitude of product traits, such as colour, size, texture and tech-specs. Despite all of the great things about customization there are some problems that can appear if implemented incorrectly.

  • What Does a Product Designer Really Do?

    Unfortunately for us product designers our occupation and what it entails, is still a mystery to many. I find the confusion about what we do very understandable as I myself have long struggled with defining what we do.

  • Dieter Rams product designer

    The Importance of Values

    So what effect does a designer’s beliefs have on the output he produces? First of the beliefs will guide the multitude of choices that need to be made in order to get to the final result. This means that if he is true to his values the product will reflect how the designer thinks about the world and perhaps most importantly how he thinks about the users of his product.